List of Podcast Directories and Feed Catchers


List of Podcast Directories

There are many podcast directories or “feed catchers” out there. iTunes and Google Play are the huge ones and the ones that are “A Must” as far as podcast syndication goes. It never hurts to have your podcast in as many places as possible though. This increases your exposure, and there’s some other perks, such as SEO benefits. Here are all the podcasting directories out there.



iTunes is by far the largest podcast directory. In fact, the term “podcast” very much comes from the iPod, the product that iTunes was originally created for. If you’re podcasting, being on iTunes is a must! You’ll most likely get more downloads here than anywhere else. Submitting a podcast to iTunes is quick and easy.


Google Play Store

Google Play is another major directory that your podcast should be in. It’s not quite as big as iTunes, but gives them a run for their money. Submitting the podcast to the Google Play Store it quick and easy.



BlogTalkRadio is a premium network, assuming you want to upload archived episodes to their platform. They do have free plans available, but in order to take advantage of the free plan, you’ll have to host it live on their platform and can’t simply upload archived content. There is an option to import from RSS, but the importing doesn’t happen automatically either, like it does on a lot of other podcast directories.

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