Configuring A WordPress Site For Podcasting


How To Setup A Podcast Using WordPress

WordPress is a very popular open-source “Content Management System” (CMS). A CMS makes it easy to manage and add content to a website. WordPress is very easy to learn and work with, and has made web development much easier to do. WordPress also has a huge developer community and through 3rd party “Plugins”, you’re able to integrate WordPress with a wide range of products. in this tutorial, we’re going to go over how to use one of these plugins to use WordPress for podcasting.


Installing the BluBrry PowerPress Plugin

There’s multiple plugins that can be used to add podcasting to a WordPress site. BluBrry is one of them and what we’re going to be using today. BluBrry also supplies podcast hosting, which is something that’s going to be needed. It doesn’t matter if you use BluBrry, or another podcasting hosting provider.  If you do use BluBrry for podcast hosting, the WordPress plugin can pull stats and media files directly from BluBrry, which is definitely convenient.

How To Install: BluBrry installs just like any other WordPress plugin. In order to install, go to the plugin area and Add New. Do a search for BluBrry and the plugin will pop up. Install the plugin and configure your podcast.

Configuring BluBrry PowerPress: Now that BluBrry has been installed, it’s time to configure the plugin. The plugin itself will walk you through the steps. Give your podcast a name and description and check all the applicable check boxes. Once all the information is provided and the settings are configured, PowerPress will generate an RSS feed. This is what you’re going to submit to all the various feed catchers / podcast directories.


Uploading Media Files / New Podcast Episodes

Once the show is configured, the individual podcast episodes get added from the individual posts. A new section will be added to the add/edit post feature of WordPress. You can see what that looks like here:

BluBrry WordPress Plugin: Podacst Upload Fields

Under Media URL, simply copy/paste the media link from your podcasting hosting provider. If you are using BluBrry for your podcast hosting and have the accounts synced, you can select BluBrry media files directly from the media editor.

Once you’ve selected the media file and published the episode, a player will be added to the post and the media file will be included in the RSS feed. The RSS feed is how all the podcast directories pull the media file and all the podcast information.


Guide To Getting Started Podcasting

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